Webb's Tornadoes Swim Team (WTST) is a year round competitive swim team. These seasons consist of a Short Court (SCY) and Long Course (LCM).

Long Course/ Short Course Season dues
In consideration of the participation of the swimmer(s) in WTST’s competitive swim program, the Parent/Guardian agrees to pay the dues for the Swimmer’s practice level that is set forth.

USA Swimming/New England Membership
All swimmers must be registered with New England Swimming (NES), our local USA Swimming organization. This annual NES membership fee  is due upon new membership registration and upon renewal of memberships in September. The NES membership is an annual membership from August through December.

Additional Fees
Each swimmer must maintain an escrow account with the team to cover meet fees, coaches’ expenses, registration fees. Your actual cost for each season will vary based on your swimmers participation in standard team meets, travel trips, and championship season. At the beginning of each season Short Course (August to March) and Long Course (April to July), your escrow account needs to be funded to start each season. Also depending on your swimmers activities the treasurer will invoice you during the season if additional finding is needed. 

To request further information regarding fees please visit the our Contact page or email